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Fibre Communal Systems

productsTraditional digital entertainment distribution systems may struggle to deliver the wide range of television, DVD, audio and radio signals enjoyed by modern consumers. Single-cable, single-tuner systems were originally designed for more basic entertainment packages and have a limited capacity.

Fibre Communal Systems are a particularly reliable high-capacity medium for data-hungry entertainment systems. Our Fibre Communal Systems use eye-safe laser technology and thescreen-shot-2016-09-29-at-21-21-45 ultra-high bandwidth offered by fibre optic cable to integrate and distribute satellite TV, digital terrestrial TV, digital audio and FM radio signals over wide distances to thousands of homes.

We use a patented fibre IRS system developed by Global Invacom which is superior to traditional power-hungry amplified switch systems. As a passive network, IRS is reliable, requires no special reception equipment and is scalable up to extremely large connected networks if required.