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Fire Alarm Systems

Services1338975342products_firealarmSeveral different factors determine what is the most suitable type of fire detection system to be installed, including a building’s technical structure, its use and safety legislation requirements that have to be met.

Aberdeen Technical Services works to the highest standards to provide the most up-to-date and safest systems available.

We offer a full design, installation and commissioning service for conventional, addrAFP_frontessable and wireless fire detection systems, with full life-of-product support.

Our systems are designed to BS5839 Part 1:2013 for wired systems and BS5839 Part 4 for wireless systems.

We service all fire detection systems, whether or not we installed them, and offer a comprehensive 24/7 on-call service package.
We provide a full preventative maintenance programme to test fire alarm systems at prescribed regular intervals to meet current fire standards.

3-safe-airportsFor increased security, we also provide monitoring of fire detection systems, to allow an activated system to signal through to our Alarm Receiving Centre for early fire brigade contact and improved reaction times to an incident.

For enhanced safety, we can also integrate a Public Address Voice Alarm (PAVA) system into a fire detection system to give clear pre-recorded evacuation instructions. PAVAs are also increasingly
used to warn of security alerts.